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Tsaars – Foreword [REVIEW]

Purchase: Digital
Genre: Progressive Metalcore / Djent
Tsaars’ debut album Foreword has seven tracks and roughly 25 minutes worth of material. Three of the songs are regular songs, and four of them are instrumentals. The album sounds like a combination of Northlane, The Last House On The Left, and maybe A Lot Like Birds?

The first song, “Raised By Wolves” has a lot of different things going on throughout the entire song. It has a very strong experimental feel to it. There is the “djent tone,” few different guitar riffs, bass, drums, and Denis’s vocals that all work together to bring you a well put together song. Denis’s vocal range is everywhere in this song. It goes from high screams, clean singing, low screams, mid screams, and so on and so forth.  To know what you’re expecting from the rest of the album, you should just listen to this song and see if you like it.
“Nightmares (Feat. Sam Gitiban of Novallo)” is the following song on Foreword, and it starts out with a more fast paced feel; which is from the get-go. Denis’s screams transition from mid screams to low screams then to clean singing in the first minute of this song. The song’s sound is similar to “Raised By Wolves” in terms of guitar, bass, and drum work. There is more singing in this song though, but this is due to the song featuring Sam Gitiban of Novallo. In some ways it adds to the song’s variety, but some of his high notes do not fit well in this song.
The third song “Entr’acte” is the shortest song on the album. It is more of an interlude than anything, since it’s all instrumental. However it is not the normal instrumental track, as there is only a guitar heard in the background and some computer-made sounds throughout the whole song.
Foreword is a pretty good album overall. It definitely has a strong experimental and mathcore feel to it, however it still has something for metalcore fans as well. The only thing I disliked was some of Sam’s singing parts in “Nightmares,” because it just didn’t fit well in the song, and I believe it actually disrupted the song’s pace. Basically, if you’re a fan of A Lot Like Birds, The Last House On The Left, Northlane, or any djent-y mathcore/experimental music, you should check out Foreword by Tsaars. Also, it’s only $4.00, so even if you buy it and don’t like it, you only lose $4.00.
Score: 3.5 / 5
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