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Princeps Tenebrarum – Blasphemy Of The Ancient Universe [REVIEW]

Genre: Slam Death Metal / Deathcore
Princeps Tenebrarum’s debut album Blasphemy Of The Ancient Universe takes what you like about deathcore, what you like about slam death metal and puts it together in a well constructed album. This album has seven tracks and is roughly 20 minutes long. It is also free to download on their Facebook page, and free is always good. I reviewed their single for this album a few months back, which was “Inhuman Beast” and it got a 4.5/5.
“Primal Nemesis” is the fourth track on this album and sounds more like a deathcore song than a slam death metal song. It starts out with a crushing breakdown; which is followed by low screams by Nemes and guitar riffs by Markus. It transitions into slow guitar chugging for a bit, then into a more fast paced sound, then back into more slow guitar chugging accompanying low screams and gutturals by Nemes. To sum up this song, it is basically one long, slow, breakdown with low screams.
The sixth track on this album “The New Pope,” starts out with a heavier styled guitar riffs, low screams, and blast beats. This song has a more death metal feel to it than “Primal Nemesis” had, and the vocal range of Nemes is shown more here than previous tracks. There really aren’t any breakdowns in this song at all, but one or two few parts with guitar chugging. It keeps the same pace throughout the entire song without slowing down too much.
Overall this album is pretty good, it has different elements from different genres and mixes them together well. Not one genre is more prevalent than the others, which I like a lot. Therefore, if you’re into deathcore, death metal, and/or slam death metal, you will definitely like this album. Also, the band has put it up to download for free, so you’re losing nothing if you check this album out.
Score: 3.5 / 5
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