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One Sense Too Much – Her Neverland [REVIEW]

Purchase: Digital
Genre: Deathcore / Metalcore
One Sense Too Much’s newest album, Her Neverland, is a 20 minute, six track, brutal sounding album. It has the qualities of progressive and melodic deathcore, but brings a more calming and relaxing element to the listener with their acoustic guitar work in some of the songs. The introduction, “Of Beauteous Craft,” is a one minute and fifty-five second track that starts off the album on the right foot, with it calming intro, heavy guitar riffs, and chugs, by Tim and Jonas, and brutal low screams by Dixon. 
“Suddenly Deep,” the fourth track off the album, brings a different side of One Sense Too Much out. Starting the song out with a more melodic sound, they do this with acoustic guitars instead of the usual electronic guitar. This song seems to serve as an interlude more than anything, and is a good rest point between their more heavier tracks within the album. The final song of the album “Golemesque” is similar to “Suddenly Deep” with its acoustic guitar playing by Tim and Jonas, however it is different with its background sound of the calming rain. Overall this album is great, it has the brutal deathcore sound that I love, but it also has the very relaxing sounds that I also love. However, I believe the quality can be improved in their next release.
Album Score: 4.8 / 5

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