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Interview with Where The Baptized Drown!

Band: Where The Baptized Drown
Genre: Deathcore
Q: What was the reason for using the band name “Where The Baptized Drown?”

We wanted a name that fits to us, our lyrics and our music. So you can imagine what we think about religion.

Q: How many shows have you played, and which one has been your favorite thus far?

Definitely the last one, in a venue called Blue Shell in our hometown. It was our first headliner show, everything gone really well and people were freaking the fuck out in the pit. The stage sound and the venue sound were both great. The show with Thy Art Is Murder in February will be the fifth show ever.

Q: How is the underground metal scene like in Cologne, Germany?

Our scene is dominated by beatdown, hardcore and metalcore bands, sometimes we have the feeling we are the only death metal-ers out there, haha. But all bands are awesome and the metal scene is growing.

Q: What are your thoughts on people illegally downloading your music?

Our both tracks are free, so we don’t care about this; but even when we will make a serious release, we don’t care. I mean, fuck GEMA and all that bullshit, we know that a lot of people will download it anyways and that’s okay. If they decide to support us and buy the CD or a tee, awesome! If not, no problem, at least they checked us out and we’re happy with that. We are doing it for fun and because we love the band and the music we create, not for money. Fuck sell outs.

Q: You recently did a cover of Suicide Silence’s song “Lifted,” why did you choose this song out of the several dozen songs Suicide Silence has out?

We just liked this song, and it is fun to play live. It is also a well-known song, maybe not as much as Wake Up or Unanswered but I think every single Suicide Silence fan knows this one.

Q: What are your plans for this year exactly?

We will release our first EP and play as many gigs as possible. Also to become more professional, buy new merch and equipment and so on. Nothing special.

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give the readers?

If you are reading this interview, you have to know that you are the man, because PSAB owns! And remember, support your local scene, you have no idea how happy we are when someone buys our shirt or comes out to a show! Thank you for your support!

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