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Interview with Silence The Carnage!

Band: Silence The Carnage
Genre: Deathcore

Q: Where does the band name “Silence The Carnage” originate from?
Well, we wanted something original. Something that you don’t hear everyday and that will stick in your head. We also love the character from the Spiderman comics!

Q: You’re currently not signed to a label, which label would you like to be signed to the most?
We would love to either get on Mediaskare or Sumerian, both labels have bands that we would love to play and tour with, as well as get along with.

Q: What is the underground metal scene like in Fontana, CA?

It sucks, haha. A lot of people in the hardcore/metal scene here in Fontana are very ignorant and not very open minded. Pretty much if you don’t sound like every other band here, you’re terrible. Luckily, we have found the few people that do enjoy our music and allow us to think outside the box.

Q: If you could play with any band, broken up or not, which band would that be?
We would love to play with any bands that dig our music! That being said (ha), we would really enjoy playing with The Acacia Strain, Parkway Drive, Upon A Burning Body, Whitechapel and I Killed The Prom Queen!

Q: What has the most influence on your music, that isn’t music related?
Our fans. We do put a good amount of time putting our heart into every song we write, and if the people dig it, then we dig it.

Q: What are your plans for 2013?

Our plan is to release an E.P. in early Fall. Stay posted and keep your ears open for guest vocals on the record and a release date!

Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

Shout outs? To Adam Barela at High Hand Designs for our fresh new logo and totally digging us! To Robert Sifuentes for being with us since day one (and all the Del Taco). To Peter Swiatkowski at Seraph Recordings for being one of the chilliest guys ever, and a good friend. To Julio Llontop for being super encouraging, a long time friend, and most importantly our backup dancer. And to anyone we forgot <3

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