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Interview with Diminish The Gods!

Band: Diminish The Gods
Genre: Progressive / Melodic Deathcore
Q: Where does the band name “Diminish The Gods” come from? 
Diminish The Gods is the namesake and soundtrack for the final cataclysmic battle between every existing deity, hero and mythological beast since the dawn of time. 
Q: What is the local metal scene like in Sydney, Australia? 
Incredibly varied. We’ve got staunch supporters from many different genres, from brutal death and black metal to old school thrash and progressive metal. 
Q: What bands play an influence on your music the most and why? 
Between The Buried & Me, After The Burial, Whitechapel, Within The Ruins, Conducting From The Grave, Black Dahlia Murder. It’s hard not to be inspired by bands of this brutal caliber. 
Q: When did you get the motivation to start creating music? Was this at random or were there events leading up to it? 
Our two guitarists James Cecchetelli and Roy Abouchaaya began working together in 2012 piecing together increasingly complex rhythm structures and melodic progression. Diminish The Gods forged a sound of their own within the genre, one where technical melodies intertwine with chaotic metal riffs before plunging into brutal breakdowns. It was this focus that drew vocalist Simon Strelein and drummer Brady McWilliam to the band, that attention to constant progression and technicality that is so often passed over in favour of simplicity.
 Q: If you could play with any band live ever, which band would that be and why? 
Each member of Diminish The Gods has a very different answer for this question. As far as the death metal scene goes we are most impressed by the accomplishments of Australian bands like Thy Art Is Murder and Parkway Drive. Internationally, Whitechapel and Within The Ruins. 
Q: What are your plans for this summer? 
We will be releasing our debut tracks on iTunes while continuing to hone and rehearse our live act. We have plans to tour in the foreseeable future and to have a full length album by the end of the year. We intend to push both ourselves and our music as far and hard as humanly possible. 
 Q: Do you have any shout outs to give? 
We’ve been working tirelessly over the last few months with a sound engineer from the US, Julian Rodriguez from Elitist who has done an amazing job mixing and mastering our current recordings. Likewise Simon Cohen from Studio 301 who recorded the vocals has been invaluable to the process.
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    diminish the gods r fuckin insane , awesome!

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