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Interview with ChokingOnBile!

Band: ChokingOnBile
Genre: Slam Death Metal
Q: Why did you choose the name “ChokingOnBile” for your band name?
I was looking for a nice name, but I was stuck. I was already a big fan of DEVOURMENT so I looked at the MTD tracklist and immediately chose “Choking On Bile” because I loved this song and consonance.

Q: You have been around since 2001, so you have been around for quite a long time. What is one thing have you noticed has changed in the metal scene since then?

Between 2001 and now, many things have changed, modern deathcore appeared, attitudes have changed and many emos arrived in the death metal scene, I’m not a “true” metalhead and I’m open minded but when I see emos play death metal, I find that ridiculous. Now, many bands think about money before passion and emotions, it’s sad.

For France, bands are more individualistic than before, some venues have been closed and it is increasingly hard to play and touring, now we need to manage the band ourselves for organise our gigs and the homemade is a reflex. Find a label has become very complicated because nobody have money to sign a band and the music industry is not doing well. But if you own a label please contact us 🙂

Q: You haven’t released an album since 2011. When can we expect new material?

A new EP  should be release before July and is called “Mîsos & Ánthrôpos”
3 songs + 1 bonus song featuring singers from the bands :

Meshiha, Devour The Unborn (OFFICIAL) , Goreputation, Gore Sanctum, Devour the fetus, DISCONFORMITY, Darkall Slaves, Gutfucked, Chordotomy/Infecting the Swarm , amoeba, Endometritis, Engorgement and Begging for Incest

Brad Fincher (Meshiha, ex-Devourment) should be in the song as guest drummer

Q: What bands play the most influence on your music and why?

old-Devourment, Kraanium, Abominable Putridity, Viral Load, Inhuman Dissiliency, Putrid Pile, Disfiguring The Goddess, Sect Of Execration, Excruciate (Aus), for their grooves and the insanity in their music. some of them, mixing Black Metal and Slam Death Metal and I like that. But our influences will change and become more technical like Guttural Secrete, Visceral Disgorge or Defeated Sanity.

Q: What is the local metal scene like in your area?

They like Black Metal and HxC, we are the first  and only one slam death metal band in our area, and in France we are 3 or 4 (and the first too)… it’s not enough, that’s why we are looking for gigs in Germany, UK or Netherland.

Q: What are you goals for this summer?

This summer we restart gigs in France and we prepare an European Tour for October/November with our friends from Engorgement (UK), Devour The Fetus (FR) and many more, we are very excited, we can’t wait to confirm that 🙂

Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

We are back from the dead and we are hungry so spread the word, share our music, like our Facebook page and brace yourself SLAMMING IS COMING !

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