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Interview with Awakening The Seasons!

Genre(s): Melodic Metalcore
PSAB: Where did the band name “Awakening The Seasons” come from? Was it a group choice?

ATS: It was our former guitarist and band founder who made a list of names so we decided to go with Awakening The Seasons.

PSAB: Your most recent released single “Find New Strength” dropped in February of 2013. When can we expect a new single or new music altogether?

ATS: We already released an instrumental version of our new single Breathe in/Breathe so the full version should be released in the middle of next year. We would like to release an EP but don’t know when exactly we’ll hit the studio. Maybe next year maybe only 2015.

PSAB: What are some bands that influence Awakening The Seasons the most?

ATS: Such bands like Miss May I, As I Lay Dying, We Came A Romans, Hills Have Eyes and many others.

PSAB: You’re relatively new to the underground metal scene. As a newer band, what are your goals for this upcoming year (2014)?

ATS: For 2014 we would really like to play a lot of gigs with our new vocalist because our former screamer left the band one month ago. Maybe record an EP but that’s not sure at all

PSAB: Your former bassist, Andy, left the band recently. How has it been for the band without a permanent bassist? Also, how has the process been finding a new bassist?

ATS: It was our guitarist Dan who left the band. Our bassist Andy took his place as guitarist so now we’re lookin’ for a bassist. It’s kind of hard without a bassist but it doesn’t stop us from working on new stuff and keeping us from performing live.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers out there, and potentially new fans?

ATS: Metalcore fans should listen to “Find New Strength” and should keep an eye on the new stuff that will come next year!
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