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Interview with As Lycans!

Band: As Lycans
Genre: Slam Death Metal
Q: Where does the band name “We Rise” come from exactly?
I changed the name to As Lycans but the name we rise came when I was bullied and I suffered emotional break ups so I decided to express it in a very violent and disturbing way through music

Q: When did you get the motivation to start creating music? Was this at random or were there events leading up to it?

I was motivated when I first heard Whitechapel last summer and I was thinking these guys are brutal they’re my idol I want to be heavy just like them

Q: What is the local metal scene like in your area?

There was a small percentage of people who liked the metal I was listening to

Q: You’re not currently signed to a label; which label would you like to be signed to the most and why?

Metal Blade records for sure because they have the heaviest bands in my opinion

Q: What plays an influence on your music the most? This could be anything, not just bands.

Mainly my anger influences me

Q: What are your short-term goals for this summer?

My short term goals are to get recognize as a tattoo artist and vocalist for a deathcore band
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?
Like my page on Facebook name is “As Lycans” and if you want to chat with me add me on there name is “Dae’huan Gray
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