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I’ll Be An Empire – Aquarius [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore / Progressive Hardcore
I’ll Be An Empire’s debut album, Aquarius, is eight tracks and about 30 minutes in length. It’s filled with hard-hitting breakdowns, guitar chugging, melodic and progressive sounds, and an ever-changing pace. I’ll Be An Empire sounds very similar to Born of Osiris; however, their sound is more geared towards deathcore than Born of Osiris’s music.
The first song on this album “Sigma” is one of the longest songs on the album, as it is over five minutes long. It is not the typical prolonged song with samples and interlude-like elements; however, the first minute or so is very silent with little-to-no music being played. At around 1:00, the song opens up with a progressive guitar sound/tone accompanying low screams by Austin/Alex. The song’s sound keeps the same throughout majority of the song with the same progressive guitar tone, guitar and bass rhythm. However, the vocals have a lot of variety in this song, going from low screams, to highs screams, to mid screams and overall changing up the pace the whole time. This is something I really like about this song, so kudos to the vocalists Alex and Austin.
“Indigo” is the fifth song on this album and sounds somewhat different than Sigma. It has a more melodic feel to it, not the same guitar chugging as previous songs and it is more fast paced. However, they do not stray far away from the progressive sound, as the songs goes back and forth between a melodic sound and progressive sound. Also, the vocals have a lot of variety in this song too; which is something I favor greatly. 
“Sylvanas” is the seventh song and it is all over the place with it’s changing pace throughout the song. It goes from a fast-paced hardcore feel, to a melodic sound, then to a progressive sound, then to a heavy deathcore sound. I believe this song really shows off what I’ll Be An Empire is all about by showing they can play more than just standard deathcore, and are able to play several different sounds back-to-back. I suggest any listeners that want to check out this band to get a feel for them, definitely check out this song, it is my favorite by far.
Overall, this album is very good and it serves well for I’ll Be An Empire’s debut album. The only gripe I have is the pricing of the album, which does not reflect the band’s talent in any way. I know bands must make profit off of their music, but pricing a digital copy and a physical copy the same amount isn’t very appealing (I don’t think I speak for myself either here). Either way, I recommend you pick up this album; it’s very solid and worth the money. 
Score: 4 / 5
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