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Get Jiggy With It – Dance With Me [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Brutal Deathcore
Get Jiggy With It’s album Dance With Me is a short-burst of gritty, poor audio quality-ed, brutal deathcore. As soon as you press the play button, you are instantly ear-raped by static-y sounding deathcore. It kind of sounds like a lot of noise.

“Enma’s Fury” is the second song off of Dance With Me. It starts with gargled low screams and guitar chugging, which leads into a breakdown. The vocals transition into pig squeals, high screams, then back to low screams. The first half of the song is basically one long breakdown. The second half of the song has more vocal variety, but the instrumentals are just about the same.

The fifth song off of Dance With Me is “Death From Above.” It starts out similar to what “Enma’s Fury” started out with, which was gargled low screams, gritty and raw guitar chugging. For the first half of the song, it is basically guitar chugging and low screams the entire time. There is a small break that has low sounding instrumentals, but has low screams that go from 1:25 to 2:10. At 2:20 it sounds like the song ends, but comes back ten seconds or so later with low screams and guitar chugging.
First and foremost, I think the audio quality really drags down this album. It is very poor and makes it sound like everything is meshed together and nothing really stands out because of this. Other than that, this is some decent deathcore with brutal death metal styled vocals and influences. If you can get past the quality of Dance With Me, then you will really enjoy this album (if you’re into brutal deathcore, that is). It’s free to download, so pick it up!

Score: 3/5

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