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A Plague Upon Us – A Plague Upon Us [REVIEW]

Genre: Technical Deathcore / Death Metal
A Plague Upon Us’s self-titled debut album is a 10 track, heavy hitting, technical, fast album. It keeps you wanting more, and it delivers that “more” you want. The introduction, “To Construct A Nightmare,” alone sucks you into their vortex of brutal deathcore, and keeps you stuck there for well over 20 minutes. Dave Robbin’s vocals on the album are fantastic, he has the raspy lows of most death metal bands, and his highs are fantastic. The guitar work by Christian Long, and Dave, is also spectacular in the songs that have more technical work, like the songs “Hostility Among Peasants,” “Quarantined And Crucified,” and “Eradication By The Destroyer.” Let’s not forget the drum work of Mark Huffman, which provides the ample noise for hard hitting breakdowns, like in the track “And The Kingdom Fell.”
This album is something you do not listen to only once, you listen to it over and over again because it is that, damn, good. After listening to it well over six times in a sitting, I have to say my favorite song on the album is “And The Kingdom Fell.” It provides everything you could want out of a technical deathcore band. There is technical guitar work in one solo, a breakdown with heavy bass pedal work, death metal lows that everyone loves, and beautiful piano in the intro and outro. The only gripe I have with the album is that I think it could have been better produced, the production quality isn’t the best it could be.
Album Score: 4.8 / 5
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