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Xolaria – Infinite Complex [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Technical Death Metal
I have reviewed an Xolaria song in the past titled “On The Edge of Illusion” and it was a pretty solid song. This time, I will be reviewing “Infinite Complex.” First the first minute or so, the song is purely instrumental. All that can be heard is a guitar being played. Midway through the song, the song picks up quite a bit. The pace is upbeat and the sound of the song is very ‘in your face.’ The instrumentals used are something you would hear in a brutal death metal band, so a lot of blast beats. You can also here the technical parts in the song well, and are not drowned out by the other instrumentals. The vocals used are very raw and heavy sounding low screams. There aren’t any of vocals that are used, so the low screams can sound repetitive by the end of the song.
Overall, this is a pretty brutal and raw sounding song. I would love to hear what Xolaria has in store for 2014.

Score: 3.5/5

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