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Weslandia – Misleader [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore
Weslandia’s recently released single, “Misleader” is just under four minutes in length, filled with lots of chugs, fast and in-your-face drums, and a max of black metal and death metal vocals. The first minute of the song it is a barrage of deathcore sounds; guitar chugging, bass pedal blasting, and black metal vocals, done by Paco Perason. At around 0:50 in the song, the first breakdown of the song happens,  it definitely sets the motion for the rest of the song. The continues its pace thereafter the breakdown, with lots and lots of chugging. Another breakdown occurs at around 2:20 until 2:50, which kind of gets repetitive at around 2:35. The song ends out with more chugging and screams by Paco. Overall, I think this song is decent, but does not bring anything new to the table, and I don’t think there is one part that makes you say, “holy shit.” 
Song Score: 3 / 5
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  • Anonymous on

    The vocalist is a fucking beast!

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