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We Are The Enemy – Gold And Stone [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Djent/Ambient
We Are The End’s single “Gold And Stone” is a mix of ambiance, djent, and metalcore. The introduction is a mix of ambient sounds and guitar work. The guitar work reminds of a song by 30 Seconds of Mars, but can’t remember the exact one. The pace of the song is upbeat, with the exception of the introduction. Instrumentally, it sticks to the djent type of sound, with the except of a breakdown near the end of the song. Vocally, it sticks to shout-screaming, low screams, and high screams. The low screams are only used during the breakdown portion of the song, and the rest of the song is high screams and shout-screaming.
I really like this song, as it sounds a bit different than what I normally come across. They mix three different types of genres and do it well in this song. If you’re a fan of ambient music, djent, or metalcore, I’d recommend checking out We Are The Enemy. However, if you’re into deathcore, death metal, or anything on the heavier side, you may not like this. It’s name your price on their Bandcamp page, so check it out!
Score: 3.5/5
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