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Visionary – Demo [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic Deathcore
Visionary’s 2013 demo consists of two songs and only about six minutes worth of materials. The audio quality isn’t the best, but I cannot knock them for that as this is their demo. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty solid deathcore demo.
The first song off of this demo is “Doucheladin.” The pace is a bit slow for most of the song, but there are some parts that are faster/upbeat than others. Instrumentally it sticks to the guitar chugging type of sound, with the exception of some riff-age here and there. The vocals vary from shout-screaming, mid screams, and low screams. The screams sound a bit low and sound like they lack power behind them; however, I attribute this to the production of the songs, not the vocalist.
The following song is “Bowzer.” The pace of this song is a lot faster than the previous song. The instrumentals sound like death metal more than deathcore in some parts, but then will go back to the deathcore kind of sound. There are a lot more breakdowns in this song when compared to the other song as well. Vocally, there is no shout-screaming but there is more low screams, and of course, mid and high screams. Also, there is some ‘BLEGHS’ and pig squeals heard in this song. 
This demo is the step in the right direction for Visionary. I think the only thing holding them back is the production of the songs and the quality of the demo. I believe if they decide to release an EP or a full length in the future, with better production, it’ll be a lot better than this demo. However, that aside, this is a pretty solid demo. If you’re deathcore, you should give this a listen!

Score: 3/5

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