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Track Review: Your Chance to Die – Omega

Your Chance to Die returns with a vengeance on their latest single “Omega.” YCTD added Som Pluijmers (ex-Cerebral Bore) and Missi Avila on vocals, making the group dual-female-fronted, for those who care about that. “Omega” is taken from the upcoming album Ex Nihilo, which is to be released April 21st,2017. You can listen to “Omega” on Soundcloud!

“Omega” is a heavy song. The dual vocals sounds unnecessary in theory, but in practice it’s great. Both vocalists deliver guttural lows with a lot of power behind them. They are a great match for the guitar tones and chugging. The riffs in this track are very symphonic and melodic, but still punch like traditional death metal riffs do. It is a swell blend of different elements and the gritty, dirty tones on the lower strings seal the deal for me.

What makes the tone even better, for me, is how tight it is and how well it cleans up on the higher strings. A lot of death metal bands don’t have the tones fine tuned on the higher strings so it makes listening to solos or even some leads unbearable and screechy. YCTD does not have this issue.

I absolutely love the tones here. Let’s not ignore the drumming either because that deserves attention. The drummer keeps himself plenty busy throughout the track. He knows when to give and take away blast beats and different kick patterns. I also love how he uses different cymbals and kick patterns to match the guitar leads; I can never get tired of that. “Omega” is a really nice and heavy song. The vocals sound beastly and the guitars and drums are ruthless. If the rest of the album is like this, there is a lot to look forward to.

Rate: 7.8/10


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