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Track Review: Wicked World – Void

Wicked World has finally graced us with something new for our ears to behold under the title “Void.” I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been impatiently waiting for new stuff from Wicked World since their last release blew me away.

Jumping right into it: “Void” is not anything unlike Wicked World, yet it kind of is at the same time. Similar to Witch Hunt is their use of the slight atmospheric manipulation from the guitars and production tricks. The vocals sound just as angry and unnaturally natural as always, which is fantastic because I love this guys vocals. He has a pretty good range that you get a slice of in “Void.” We also get a little taste of slam sprinkled on the slice throughout, but mostly towards the end, of the track and it fits Wicked World’s sound very well. They have a pretty unique sound due to the way they structure their songs and the vocalist. I like that they did venture a bit into slam without going fully into it: less is more, right?

I also really like how the drums emphasize “heavier” points of the track via different cymbals. I highly recommend checking this out if you’re into deathcore or (I’m going on a limb saying this) hardcore-y type subgenres (only because of certain vocal and guitar nuances) or even slam. My complaint is the same with most other songs in this realm of music: I can’t hear the bassist very well at all. It is only really audible when a breakdown starts and that is not as often as you may think. Other than that I think the other instruments and vocals are lined up well and appropriately (production-wise). The cymbals come in clear and sharp, which I tend to prefer.

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Rate: 8.5/10

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