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Track Review: Throne of the Beheaded – Plague

Throne of the Beheaded is teasing us yet again with a new song with a new vocalist in the track “Plague.” With a few minor changes from Severed Ties, things are looking up for TOTB. Check them out on Facebook and listen to “Plague” on Youtube!

The new vocalist definitely focuses more on the lower registry than the previous/original guy, which fits their sound better. This vocalist spits the lyrics out pretty quickly, which matches the picking pattern from the guitar(s). The bass is turned up a bit more than it was on the last album, also a good sign. The new band logo is cool and makes them look more aggressive. So yeah, I guess you can expect something a bit different. True to their origin, “Plague” still sounds like 2000s-core in some aspects. The solo especially brings out the nostalgia because there’s a slapback type of effect on top of echoed vocals.

“Plague” is a pretty short song at only 2:52 long, but it has a lot of replay value. The breakdowns are simple, but very catchy and with the lyrics spat out at you it just fits really well. Just reviewing this track I listened to it at least 6 times and that’s excluding how ever many times I listened before and after reviewing it. I love short songs, but short songs with enough progress and decent production? Sold. Despite a few mastering or possibly mixing mishaps, like when the vocals got really loud towards the end, it doesn’t take away from the song unless you are extremely picky. Nevertheless, “Plague” is definitely worth checking out.

Rate: 8/10

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