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Track Review: Rings of Saturn – Inadequate

For a year that was supposed to be one where ‘Deathcore is Dying’, bands have been rather busy and – apart from a certain hiccup – they have been sounding better than ever. Rings of Saturn is no exception, they released the video clip to “Inadequate” and literally thousands of views poured within less than an hour.

Been a classical and neoclassical enthusiast, I was quickly won over by the song’s flamenco-like intro. However, being a deathcore dad, a tech nerd, and an ex elitist, I had found the perfect song to put on repeat indefinitely.

As expected, the band is very much on the technical side as they run through unusual scales in a shreddifying manner and sweep effortlessly. But perhaps the thing that has kept them as one of the most mentioned bands in the deathcore community is their ability to be technical without losing a connection with the listener – no matter how zigzagging the fret work may be.

Vocally, I love the variation between the lows and highs; Ian Bearer must be his own worst critic as he transitions and holds the deep lows in the most perfect segments of the song. Personally, I’m not interested in who has the greatest range or the filthiest gutturals. I admire those that are versatile, and more importantly, those that can deliver it to a live audience.

Now, I get mixed reviews about this band’s ability to perform live, but I have seen enough live versions of this song to know that they are in fact adequate. The reason I say this is because I am sure everyone has had the disappointment of hearing amazing vocals in a studio recording, only to see the vocals among other things fail live – nothing more heartbreaking than a piggie that can’t squeal. Considering this band originally intended to be a studio project, they have proven to hold their own onstage.

Rings of Saturn also seem to have mastered their fan base, for not only does the song have a breakdown near the end, it has an even slower breakdown with the drums playing in the form of a battle march – I can see the breakdown memes being alive and well for many years to come.

Overall, this is a flawless track. I am very keen to hear the rest of the album. Get your pre-orders in and we can chat away about it in the PSAB group the minute it comes in.

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