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Track Review: Rebels + Rivals – Dead Heroez

Guys, today we take a trip to Berlin, Germany. We visit one of my favorite bands of all time, REBELS + RIVALS. In 2015, they released their debut self released ep, DEAD HEROEZ. Today, we take a look at the title track to that album.

In an interview with their vocalist Dean, he states the meaning behind the song.

“Dead Heroez is a song I wrote in a moment of frustration about the development of music nowadays. To be honest it was after seeing a concert of Marilyn Manson at Rock am Ring 2015 (on TV). When I saw his show I was terribly disappointed, because he once was such a huge icon and his music had created an impact some years ago. What I saw at this concert was just a pitiful rest of it – like him singing badly, cutting himself on stage and so on… It was another proof of how dead music is these days. Big groups lose their importance, artists die – as if an era has ended. What we have now is a bunch of very similar looking and sounding bands with no deeper intention or message. I’ve been fighting my whole life to be on stage and create something special… but I so often feel unheard. The chorus basically is about this situation…. bands who want to be heard are not supported by record labels anymore. Still I dream on and I’m surely doing this job for the rest of my days – even if we’re going to reach nothing. That’s the truth about Dead Heroez.”

The song has deep meaning for me as a musician (drummer, unclean vocalist). On stage is where I belong, and I will do whatever it takes to get there (but I digress). These guys go hard on stage, packing energy and charisma with class and crowd drawing vocals. These guys are bringing nu-metal back, and it has a bite worse than its bark. You can check them out on Facebook.

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