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Track Review: Purge – Damage Control

Those who keep up with Chugcore know Chugcore usually provides really solid and hard-hitting metal to a more public eye. This is no different with Purge’s latest track “Damage Control.” Purge is a downtempo/deathcore band from California, USA.

“Damage Control” is a pretty short track at only 3 minutes long and it uses the brief time to make a mark. Before the first major breakdown the song builds up pretty well: the eerie/screechy intro with panned vocals before a heavy and groovy riff sets in. The groove of this riff before that sick breakdown is a bit like a boxing combo: one, two, punch. Chug, chug, chord kind of style.

After aforementioned breakdown the song picks up more, as made obvious by the drumming. The vocals remain mostly the same throughout the entire song, sometimes dipping into a lower guttural for effect (a very nice effect). The vocals remind me of Within the Ruins except with less techy stuff going on behind it. Towards the end of the track is another slow, heavy breakdown and a “FUUUCKKKK.” As basic as it may seem, I’m a big fan of bleghs and FUCKs during or before a breakdown.

That’s really all there is to this track. It’s short and very sweet. This has been my go to song since Chugcore uploaded it. Be sure to check out Chugcore‘s other uploads and Purge’s Facebook page!

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    Corny review lmao

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