Track Review: Necronomicon – “Unification of the Four Pillars”

Necronomicon is releasing a new album, called Advent of the Human God, on March 25th (March 18th in Europe) and a single to give us a taste of what to expect. Just as one would expect from Necronomicon, “Unification of the Four Pillars” is blackened death metal sweetness with a hint of a symphonic element. Pre-orders are available on their website and you can listen to “Unification of the Four Pillars” here.

This song is fast and heavy and reeks of blackened death metal. I really like the drumming on this song because the changing snare patterns give heavy emphasis on certain riffs at certain points, and that is what heightens the sense of heaviness here. The bass is at a constant rumble, there is no break and that is great. Towards the end of “Unification of the Four Pillars” there is a part that strongly reminds me of Dimmu Borgir, and it is not because that is where the symphonic part comes in. The chugging, the vocals at that point, and the symphonic element together are what give a Dimmu Borgir sound. Either way, it works really well and it leads to a solid and equally as heavy ending as the beginning is. It’s only 3 minutes long and it’s awesome. Check it out!

Rate: 9/10

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