Track Review: Drown The Faith – Engraved In Despair

Taking a break from Europe, we focus on a deathcore/metalcore band from Perth, Western Australia, known as Drown The Faith. Having released their EP ‘Blood On The Page’ in 2014, and their single ‘Awful Place’ last year, Engraved In Despair is merely a hint of the band’s new sound and style – as well as many more songs to come.

Instrumentally, the guitar work on this track is one to rival the thrash and progressive Metalcore signature that has kept the likes of Trivium and Unearth fresh and unpredictable each album. While there are many arpeggio riffs, leads, and variations to appease the most elitist of listeners, there is also an unexpected breakdown that will make crowd killing imminent. More importantly though, this is a song that eludes the verse-chorus-verse-bridge structure without stretching itself to needlessly long durations – when you’ve heard as many tech death albums as I have, you quickly grow to appreciate quality tracks that resist the temptation of reaching the seven minute mark.

The vocals are one of the main features that set not only this track, but this band apart from regular deathcore and metalcore bands. You see, Too often deathcore vocalists end up being Mitch Lucker imitations or Phil Bozeman approximations – it gets old real quick. Drown The Faith’s Ollie however, is rich with influences ranging from Randy Blythe to Corey Taylor, as well as core regulars. His scream is his trademark, and personally, I think the tracks “Awful Place” and “Desperate Plea” showcase it best.

When it comes to the Perth heavy music scene, a band’s success can never be determined by sound alone, for there are many talented bands and very few vacancies for global recognition. Nevertheless, as listeners go for a walk through the band’s other songs, they will quickly learn that the tracks are not only unique from one another, but that the words ‘generic’ and ‘repetitive’ are simply not in this band’s vocabulary. Now make haste and check them out!

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