Track Review: Deciphering the Zodiac – Void

A surprisingly melodic Metalcore outfit from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are Deciphering the Zodiac, having released their Void single just last month. If this band name sounds familiar, it better bloody well be, their vocalist made a guest appearance on the Entering Oblivion EP by Beheading the Goddess (my previous review). He roared so well, I had to investigate further.

The track has a very mellow acoustic intro that would make you think this was an intro to a pop punk number, that is until the drums go for gold and kick those chords into distortion. The progression of the chords is one that goes as far back as Iron Maiden, which was then used by Melodic Death Metal bands, and then finally, the Metalcore bands of the earlier 2000s. It is a very catchy and arguably timeless progression.

The vocals are the majority of the strength behind this song. For one, I am very pleased that he did not use clean vocals as most would probably do in his position. The vocals them selves remind me of a younger Glen Benton of Deicide or maybe CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder – seriously, if you haven’t heard his guest appearance on Entering Oblivion, I strongly suggest you do.

Instrumentally, the riffage is somehow exhilarating but also soothing at the same time. The riffs go from tremolo to soaring to breakdowns at sensible intervals. The height though, is how the mellow bridge ties in with the harsh vocals and ultimately escalates back into a heavy and upbeat climax.

Taking into account the recording quality of this track, I can say they have held this song together really well. This is the type of band I want to hear more of very soon. Don’t keep us in suspense for too long, guys.

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