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Track Review: Bound in Fear – Deceit

This week’s bonus review is all about downtempo deathcore group Bound in Fear and their latest single “Deceit.” Downtempo was never really something I was into with a few exceptions, but “Deceit” changes my opinion a bit. You can listen to this heavy track on Youtube and follow the band on their Facebook. Stop by, they’re nice guys!

Let’s get the thing I’m most pleased with out of the way: audible bass the whole time. For the whole 3 minutes you can a down-tuned bass thump it’s way down your throat just after you clear it after hearing the vocals. The vocals are insane, straight from the gutter. It’s as if the vocalist’s whole body and strength were put into the lows. They reach down your throat and pull out your stomach while it’s vibrating from the bass. The bassline may not be the most innovative, but it sure does the trick. As low and gnarly as the vocals may be, the lyrics are enunciated well.

The song is relatively slow and goes by fast, but it leaves a lasting impression as a band’s first single. The mastering/mixing was done well as “Deceit” sounds dark and all instruments are audible. It’s a low song, musically speaking, so that means it fits within the genre description well. Hopefully Bound in Fear’s future songs will be unique and equally as dark; I have high hopes. This was a good song for something I don’t usually listen to.

Rate: 7.9/10

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