Track Review: Beheading the Goddess – Imminent Death

It seems I picked an interesting time to discover a true Deathcore juggernaut in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Very recently, Beheading The Goddess released a new single titled Imminent Death, just a couple of weeks after I reviewed their EP from last year.

Now I have to say, this track alone is not merely a rehash of this band’s previous work. If anything, it’s so much darker and more evil sounding. To put it bluntly, if their EP Entering Oblivion was a masked maniac cornering you in a boiler room, Imminent Death would be a maniac that’s wasted no time in cutting off and wearing your face.

Yes, it’s very solid paced and brutal, just the way we love Deathcore. Fans of Angelmaker and With Blood Comes Cleansing will easily be hooked. Vocally, there are plenty of highs, lows, gutturals happening, but more surprisingly there are even uses of gurgling and toilet bowl techniques that have the potential to draw Devourment fans. The most unexpected feature on this track however is the power metal sounding guitar solo near the end, so I urge listeners to listen to this track from beginning to end.

Overall, Beheading the Goddess is one of the better examples of Deathcore releases in the last few months. Sink your claws in while they are still gaining momentum, for I can see them taking off very quickly.

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