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Track Review: Bayview Suspect – It’s Pronounced Nucular

Bayview Suspect are a Melodic Deathcore band from Perth, Western Australia. Having released their To Whom It May Concern EP and Paralysis single last year, they followed up with ‘It’s Pronounced Nucular’ in January.

As a whole, the band has always had three distinct traits they stood out by, and those were the combo-flowing vocals, the easy-to-follow riffs/breakdowns, and the lead melodies. This was the trademark that got them noticed very quickly in the Perth heavy music scene; catching momentum and taking flight.

This track however, represents a new and maturing side to the band. Much like Heaven Shall Burn, I can see Bayview Suspect gradually transitioning towards a Melodic Death Metal style as I hear the track over and over. When we focus on the lead melodies, we notice it’s a very layered approach given a lot of thought, complementing various segments of the song, and leaving listeners feeling inspired. Riff-wise, everything is smooth and maintains a connection with the listener; not having breakdowns for the sake of having breakdowns, and not trying to come across as technical like many bands have been doing this year. Vocally, I think this is perhaps the slowest flow I’ve ever heard their frontman use, and it is simply perfect for the song; as a result, I can’t at any point imagine listeners getting bored or tuning out.

Bayview Suspect are currently recording their next EP that we can expect to be released next year. The wait is a great opportunity for new listeners to check out the band’s previous releases and spread the word.

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