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Track Review: As a Conceit – Running Tired

Italy has granted us yet another interesting metal band, this time of the progressive metalcore style. The band in question is As a Conceit and they have an album coming out December 2nd. There is currently 3 singles out, but today we will only worry about “Running Tired.” Keep an eye on this quintet on their Facebook and listen to the single here!

“Running Tired” has a really good intro: the opening line/breakdown hooks you in immediately and that, to me, is a good intro. The line may be a bit gimmicky for it being the line to accompany the breakdown, but it works so whatever. At least it’s not just some chugging, both guitars play a tapped riff before and during the chug part. Kind of like an Auras breakdown.

If you’re into lyrics and knowing what songs are about then “Running Tired” is about “the burden of life we all are carrying, dealing with the feeling of having lost all hopes and letting ourselves go down in a spiral of self-abandonment and detachment from this reality as we’re living it, with a nihilist point of view based on the disillusion we get once we realize we exist without any superior purpose and that our lives are all going to end the same, no matter what we do or achieve during the span of our short existence,” as the band said themselves. Keeping that in mind and listening to the instrumental work, you can hear the connection between them. Especially during the bridge towards the end of the song. The vocalist’s slightly pained tone along with some of the ethereal riffing/harmonies give a subtly grim undertone and they match really well.

I personally don’t care much about lyrical content, but many cool points are added when the music reflects the lyrics because it shows that the band put effort into the recording process and that the band believes in what they are playing. Anybody can slap some words on music, but when it fits together it gives some more depth to it all.

I can’t possibly ignore the drumming on this track either: there are some neat fills and I like the way the cymbals sound. I’m not sure if that’s something altered in the mixing or recording process, but either way I like the way they turned out. The guitars are kind of loud in the mix, but I can hear the bass too so I won’t complain too much about the mix. This single definitely gives some hype for the full release of Frown Upon Us.

Rate: 7.6/10

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