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Top Albums of 2016

It is the time of the year where we sit down and contemplate what albums made our face and our brain melt the most. There were some bangers released this year, so this list was easy to compile, but hard to list in order of how much I liked them since I liked them for different reasons, so they are not in a specific order.

Nevertheless here they are:

Band: Cognitive

Album: Deformity

What I say about it: The riffs, vocals,and song structures are done so well on this album. The structures give each riff an interesting twist and almost has a mini story in each. It is a quality death metal record.

Band: Dance Gavin Dance

Album: Mothership

What I say about it: Wonderful. I have listened to this fully through more than 40 times. The guitar work and vocal melodies alone have captured my heart. Some of the lyrics hit home for me too so that’s a plus.

Band: Shokran

Album: Exodus

What I say about it: Excellent guitar and drum harmonies. There is a lot of technical ability displayed in a non-flashy manner making it a pleasing and elegant experience. I’ll always support a band who produces things themselves too.

Band: Shadow of Intent

Album: Primordial

What I say about it: If you have listened to this then you understand.

Band: Fractured Insanity

Album: Man Made Hell

What I say about it: Fast, heavy, sounds similar to Behemoth.

Band: Wicked World

Album: Witch Hunt

What I say about it: The aggression is surreal. The album is sinister. Dank.

Band: Interrupting Cow

Album: Prime Creators

What I say about it: The long-awaited full-length did not disappoint at all. I still listen to some tracks on here every day. Almost every song on here will pump you up; it’s such a fun album and it’s sad the project is now over.

Band: The Nietzsche

Album: Intro to Advanced Poetry

What I say about it: Super fun, high energy kind of post hardcore-ish metal. I love how brief and in your face the songs can be. Super fun release in the same vein of Interrupting Cow.

Band: Drowning

Album: Egotrip

What I say about it: I don’t listen to beatdown/hardcore kinda stuff like this often, but I really liked this for what it was. There’s some genre blending that keeps it unique and plus it makes you want to hit things, so that’s fun. Out of the other music I’ve listened to in this style this year, Egotrip has remained one of the better releases for me. Any time I want to listen to something angry and relatively simple, I’ll throw this album on.

Band: Chamber of Malice

Album: Crime City Slam

What I say about it: Absolutely sick album. The only thing upsetting about this is how short it is.

Band: Breakdown of Sanity

Album: Coexistence

What I say about it: Just as great as any of their other releases. Breakdown of Sanity knows what they are doing. They know how to incorporate a good breakdown and that works for them really well. They also have a really good drummer, in my opinion.

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