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This Thing Called Life – Pitch.Feathers.Fire [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Metalcore
This Thing Called Life’s album Pitch.Feathers.Fire is an album that is metalcore with some groove metal influence, but nothing must else. It has 10 songs and about 35 minutes worth of materials, which is a pretty good amount of music for free.
“Coward” is the second song off of this album. This song has a lot of groove influence and it is very noticeable by the guitar work, but there are some parts in the song that sounds like normal metalcore. Also, there are some parts in the song that remind of how the guitar is played in blues music. The vocals are basically the same throughout the song, usually mid-screams to high screams and that’s about it. The guitar work stands out the most in this song, and it is well deserved spotlight. 
The seventh song off of Pitch.Feathers.Fire is “Mad Cow.” The instrumentals in this song aren’t as groovy as “Coward” and do not stand out as much either. It has the typical metalcore sound as far as instrumentals go. The vocals have more variety however. There are high screams, mids, and low screams placed throughout the song; which I like. Nothing really stands out in this song, but all work together mutually. 
Pitch.Feathers.Fire is a decent album. The sound This Thing Called Life brings to the table is pretty solid, the instrumentals and vocals are good. I do think there is something missing with their sound, but I cannot put my finger on it entirely. Anyway! If you’re into metalcore with some groove influences, check out this album! It is free to download on their Bandcamp page (listed above)!

Score: 3/5

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    groove??? where’s the groove? serius?

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