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The Spooks – I’ll Tumble For Ya [REVIEW]

Genre: Grindcore
The Spooks’ cover of “I’ll Tumble For Ya” (originally produced and released by Culture Club) is definitely something new and different. I haven’t heard a grindcore cover of an 80’s song ever, so this was a new experience for me. 
So… basically, it’s the same instrumentals as the original song has, but they vocally cover it with auto-tune cleans and low screams (sounds like inhale screaming). It keeps up this routine until about 1:00 then a barrage of poor audio quality-ed noise rapes your ears. There are inhale pig squeals over and over again, with some hacking, coughing, and laughing in the background. 
I am pretty sure that The Spooks’ did this for a joke, and as a joke didn’t attempt to make this bearable to listen to. To be honest, this was the worse cover I have ever listened to. I don’t think any effort was put into this cover by The Spooks, which you can obviously tell by listening to it. The audio quality is awful to boot. If you want to show your friends a song that will make them say, “What the fuck is this shit?!” then this song is for you. If not, then I advise you to avoid The Spooks’ cover of “I’ll Tumble For Ya.”

Score: 0/5

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