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The Opaque – Bow in Requiem [REVIEW]

Genre: Melodic / Technical Death Metal
The Opaque’s debut EP, Bow in Requiem, is pretty good death metal. They’re not the old school type of death metal, more like modern day death metal. Also there are deathcore influences to be heard throughout the album, however it is very little (for all those death metal purists out there). The album has five songs and roughly 20 minutes worth of materials.
“Upon The Kraken” is the second song on Bow in Requiem. It starts out with blast beasts and a melodic guitar sound, but soon transitions into a fast-paced barrage of death metal; high screams, blast beasts, technical guitar work, and bass. I would like to note that the high screams are not what you typically hear in -core bands, they [the vocals] sound very different. It is similar to black metal vocals but not completely. There is a breakdown at 1:40 in the song, which makes you want to bop your head to. Soon thereafter, you can hear the guitar sound change to a more technical sound. The song keeps the same pace throughout the entire song, fast and heavy. Even during the end of the song, the pace continues to be the same, also the sound doesn’t stray too far from its originality.
The fourth song on Bow in Requiem is “Design the Manna Machine” and it starts out similar to what the previous song did; blast beats, technical guitar work, and high screams. The sound of “Design the Manna Machina” is bit more melodic overall compared to “Upon The Kraken,” which I like a lot. There is a break at 2:00 in the song that leaves an opening for a guitar melody to be heard, while the drums play in the background; it transitions into a guitar solo that lasts until 3:40. However, the melodic break continues afterwards up until 4:20, soon thereafter high screams are to be heard to end the song.
Bow in Requiem is a good modern day death metal album. It has a lot of melodic and technical influences, also a pinch of deathcore (mostly heard in the introduction track). However, it is a little bit too slow for me. Though the pace and sound of each song is very fast, it feels like it is slow and sort of drags on. This may be because each song is four plus minutes long. But, if you’re looking some good death metal, you should check out The Opaque and this album.

Score: 3/5

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