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The Gorge – The Gorge [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Mathcore / Progressive
The Gorge’s self-titled EP is something not to miss.. It does lack a lot of core elements, but it’s still an awesome album. The Gorge’s influences are Meshuggah, Botch, Refused, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. This album is better being listened to than being described, so I will try my best to review it.

“Ancient Lights” is the song that starts off the album. This song is instrumentally awesome. It has a chaotic, experimental, and progressive kind of feel to it. It kind of makes you want to move your body haphazardly to the beat, and/or bop your head to it. The vocals do not stray away from shout-screaming, but I think Phil’s vocals match well with what The Gorge is trying to portray. Overall, this song is good.

The following song is “Serpentine.” Like the previous song, the instrumentals stand out more for me than the vocals do. The instrumentals in this song are a bit more upbeat, more chaotic, a lot more math-y and experimental, and they threw some minor guitar chugging in some parts. Also, not to mention, there is a guitar solo near the end of the song. Vocally, Phil stays to the same style he has in “Ancient Lights” which is fine, since the vocals work well with The Gorge’s sound. Once again, this song is good.

The Gorge is definitely an EP you should check out if you’re into math-y, experimental, chaotic sounding, progressive, etc music. This band plays their instruments very well and make a great sound doing it. The audio quality is good, as you can clearly hear everything that going on throughout each song. Instrumentals are great, vocals are great, and overall this EP is great. So check it out! It’s free to download on their Bandcamp page, or you pick it up on vinyl for $5.00 (which I plan on doing when I get a record player)!

Score: 4.5/5

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