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The Broken Are Crowned – To Those Who Stand Alone [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Progressive Metalcore
The Broken Are Crowned’s first album To Those Who Stand Alone is a bit heavier than their most recent album Trenches. It sticks to a heavier metalcore sound, without straying too far into a post-hardcore sound. However, with this album, unlike the new one, it is a bit more chuggy and less progressive.
“This Tyrant Bleeds” is the third song on this album, and it’s little over four minutes long. The instrumentals vary between a progressive sound, mostly with progressive guitar riffs, and a guitar chugging sound. There is a small guitar solo near the middle of the song. Vocally, it sticks to high screams, low screams, and some clean singing. The high screams are average, and this is something that has improved in their newest album Trenches. The clean singing is not overdone, so there is more screaming than singing. Also, the singing is not bad and doesn’t take away from the song.
The sixth song is “Untitled” and it is, also, a little bit over four minutes long. This song has a more grungier kind of sound, which mostly consists of guitar chugging, except a breakdown and guitar solo near the end of the song. Vocally it sticks to high screams, low screams, and layered high/low screams. The high screams sound the same as they did in “This Tyrant Bleeds,” same does the low screams. The layered screams are a nice touch though.
“The Past Erased” is the tenth track and like the previous reviewed songs, it is a little bit over four minutes long. Instrumentally, this song is a lot more melodic and has a lot more variety than the previous songs reviewed. The pace is a lot more upbeat as well, which is something I like. The vocals are roughly the same as they were in the other two songs, but I cannot expect vocals to have a sound change between songs like instrumentals. 
To Those Who Stand Alone is a combination of chuggy metalcore, progressive metal, and regular metal. It has a lot more variety and is more appealing to me than the band’s new album Trenches. Also, this album has 12 tracks and over 50 minutes worth of materials; which is a good length for a full length. Though, there are some improvements from this album and their new album, but at the same time there are some things that I think that should have stayed the same. Overall, I prefer to listen to this album over their newer album Trenches, due to its heavier style, progressive and sometimes melodic sound. Check out this album on their Bandcamp page! It’s free to listen, and $3 to purchase!

Score: 3.5/5

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