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Subdivisions – Breaking The Fourth Wall [REVIEW]

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Genre(s): Progressive/Hardcore/Power Violence

Breaking The Fourth Wall is Subdivisions first music release of the new year. The EP has six songs and roughly 30 minutes worth of listening materials. There are influences on a few different genres throughout the album, mainly death metal and hardcore. They keep up the same kind of upbeat pace throughout each song, except for two songs; the longest song on the album “Tremors 3” which could be considered an interlude, as it combined melodic instrumental sounds with the band’s normal hardcore song, and the fifth song “Leap of a Whale from the Water.”
The sound is each song is roughly the same besides the two listed which is a combination of sometimes progressive sounds, chuggy giffs, and or an experimental/mathcore kind of sound. A good example would be the song “Crippler.” The vocals through the album seldom change, mainly mid screams and high screams. Overall, the album is okay and is worth checking out.Score: 2.5/5

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