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Review: Sotajumala – Raunioissa

Review by Adriana.

The next band in our cross hairs is the Finnish death metal band Sotajumala. This 8 track album was released on January 16th of 2015, so it’s still fresh. The band is offering the option to purchase or download the album for free. The lyrics are in Finnish, but there is an English translation for each song there are links on their Facebook and Twitter pages for those.

On to the music: before I get into small details it must be noted that this album was unrelenting from start to finish. There are no preludes, soft intros, or anything of the sort. I’m left relatively speechless at how well the album turned out because I enjoyed every second of it. Even though I’ve listened to this album multiple times, it never fails to impress. The vocals are raw and angry, the drums pummel with harmonizing cymbal strikes, the solos won’t bore you, and the riffs for both guitars and bass give a warlike/battlefield (not the game) atmosphere to it.

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