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Review: Visions of Disfigurement / Chainsaw Castration – Involuntary Cranial Excision


Review by Adriana.

Two great slammers, Visions of Disfigurement and Chainsaw Castration, came together to create this tasty little side album, with Chainsaw Castration leading on the first 3 tracks and VoD with the last 3. The first track doesn’t seem to do anything more than establish what is to come: dirty, violent slam. “Contorted and Aborted” is where this album really starts. It’s fast right from the get-go and already makes you want to kick something. Low­ tuned guitars that play slow notes contrast perfectly with the fast, cymbal smashing drums. The vocals sound more evil as they get higher and overlay angry, beatdown madness that is “Contorted and Aborted.”
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Review: Visions of Disfigurement – Miscreated


Facebook – Genre(s): Slam – Location: Manchester, UK

Review by Adriana.

Visions of Disfigurement is a slamming death metal band from Manchester, England. Miscreated was independently released in November of 2014 and is VoD’s debut EP. The EP is a short listen at around 20 minutes and is available for a free download on Bandcamp, which you will find linked here:
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Interview with Vulvodynia!

Genre(s): Slam Death Metal
Location: Durban

PSAB: Where does the band name “Vulvodynia” come from exactly?
Vulvodynia: The band name comes from a chronic disease with no known cure, so we thought it would be fitting for the genre we play.

PSAB: You released your album Lord of Plagues back in May. How was the feedback for that album upon release, and are you still receiving feedback now?

Vulvodynia: The feedback for Lord Of Plagues was so much better than we could’ve ever imagined & we’re extremely grateful for it.

PSAB: What are you interested in outside of making music? Your hobbies.

Vulvodynia: Personally, making music and going to gigs takes up a majority of my time.

PSAB: How is the metal scene in Durban?

Vulvodynia: The metal scene in Durban definitely has a shortage of bands at the moment, it feels like it’s getting better though.

PSAB: What has played the most influence on your music?

Vulvodynia: The major influences for me would definitely be Acrania & all the deathcore bands that got me into heavier music.

PSAB: Have any shout outs to give?

Vulvodynia: Just Slam It, Brutal Gear, Morbid Generation Records, Ingested, Swine Overlord, Acrania, Malodorous, Maggot Colony.
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