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Intervie with My Aim!

Genre(s): Progressive Metalcore
Location: Marke, Kortrijk

PSAB: Where does the band name “My Aim” come from exactly?MA: The name “MY AIM” just points out that we have a specific goal in mind with the
band. We really want to achieve something in the modern day music industry and therefore we
want to deliver the best music we possibly can. The main reason why we’ve started this band is
the love and the passion for the heavy music genre and just because of this we really try to
take things to a higher level. We aim as high as we can in the hope that our hard work will pay off one
day and that we will be able to live our dream.

PSAB: What was the feedback like when you released your album Heartburn? Do you still
receive feedback for that album now?

MA: The feedback was overwhelming. We started the band way back in 2010 and released
only 2 singles along the way and never got too much attention. But all of this changed
with the release of our first full length album “Heartburn”. More and more people became
interested in MY AIM and liked what we did. This just felt surreal to us. It took us more than a
year to realize the album and we’ve really put heart and soul into this record.

We could only hope
that people would notice it in the more than over saturated music scene. We were therefore
very pleased to see that people actually did find our music and enjoyed it. Till this date
we’re still receiving messages from people all over the world telling us that they really like
“Heartburn” and that feels just amazing.PSAB: You’re sponsored by Pure Deathcore. How has the experience been being sponsored
by them?

MA: We were very excited when Troy form Pure Deathcore asked us if we were
interested in a sponsorship from Pure Deathcore. It was the first time ever we were approached
by a promo page in this way. We just went for it and released the playthrough for
“Constants // Variables” on their YouTube channel. This proved to be very effective and really helped us
with getting some exposure. It would be amazing if we could get more sponsorships like this.
A big up for Troy and his team.

PSAB: If you had the choice to have two musicians featured on one of your songs.
Which two musicians would those be?

MA: That’s a very hard question to be honest. I think I would go for Shawn Spann
the vocalist of “I, The Breather”. His vocals are just insane and would fit our music very well.
The same counts for Adrian Fitipaldes, the vocalist of “Northlane”. It would be a hard choice but I
think I would go for Shawn.

For the second musician I would go for Jesse Cash from Erra. I really think
he’s an incredible artist. I’m not such a fan of clean vocals in heavy music, but I just love what
Jesse does in Erra. He’s a big inspiration to us for sure.

PSAB: How is the metal scene in Marke, Kortrijk?

MA: The metal scene in our hometown is amazing. We really have an awesome fan base
and just love playing here. Although I don’t like the Belgium metal scene in general too
much. It’s almost impossible to achieve something in the heavy music industry in Belgium. We’re
living in such a small country and yet the local metal scene is so divided. This works contra
productive towards bands and makes a lot of bands quit eventually. But this isn’t slowing us down,
we take matter into our own hands and try to change the few things we can. A new generation of
metal kids is rising and they are determined to change it for the good. We’re in it for
those kids and do whatever we can to build a better metal future together.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?

MA: We’re down to the clichés now, but thanks a lot to everybody who was ever
supported us throughout the years. Without you we would have never gotten this far. You guys
are the reason why we keep doing what we do, we owe our success to you. Therefore we will
never let any opportunity down to thank you or to do something back to you.

Really, there is
nothing more precious to us than our fan base! And besides this, I really want to thank
every booker and promoter out there who ever worked with us. I want to thank “Pure Deathcore”
for their trust in us and I want to thank “Pig Squeals and Breakdowns” for this interview. In
my opinion “Pure Deathcore”, ‘Total Deathcore” and of course you guys from “Pig Squeals and
Breakdowns” are the best promo pages out there! Thank you a whole lot for supporting the
underground music scene!

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Interview with Lost Without Direction!

Genre(s): Progressive Metalcore/Djent
Location: Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

PSAB: Why did you choose the name “Lost Without Direction” for your band?LWD: Because we have been “lost without direction”. We founded the band and had no idea in which direction this project will go. The name really fits, we even need google maps in our hometownarea!

PSAB: You’re currently working on a new EP, titled Fragile. When can we expect that EP to release?LWD: We are going to release it this summer, the recordings are done and we are just working on a new video and some organization. An accurate date will follow in the next days /weeks

PSAB: If you had the chance to create a metal festival, which featured five bands; which five bands would those be?LWD: For myself it would be BTBAM, Born Of Osiris, The Safety Fire, After The Burial and Periphery. But this is hard, there are too many bands i would love to see.

PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Ingelheim am Rhein?LWD: I would love to say that a local scene in Ingelheim really exists.
Ingelheim is just a small city in the Rhein-Main area, the local scene
in Mainz, Wiesbaden or Frankfurt is really nice, there are lots of
people who are having fun with our music, supporting shows and also many
other talented bands like “Unprocessed” from Wiesbaden.

You can visit a
local Show almost every weekend. The kids are buying merch, even CD´s
and are happy if there is a possibility to see their friends on stage.
It´s like a big family. But unfortunately there are also many guys
hating on some bands, or people who are not into anything else than
Beatdown or Hardcore music and leaving the stage when a band is playing
some progressive music or clean parts, what is a shame. I feel sorry for
every affected band, because i know for myself how it feels.

PSAB: What one band has played the most influence on your music?LWD: Definitely Between The Buried And Me. Their Songwriting , especially
their diversity has blown me away since the first time i listened to
them, but Born of Osiris are also a very big influence on our music.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans?LWD: We are grateful for every single one of you, and are happy to present
our new EP “Fragile” soon. It will be on Bandcamp for “name your price”
as our debut album is, so stay tuned and expect a music video and
another new LP in 2015, it is already written 😉

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