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Review: Born Of Osiris – The Eternal Reign

For those of you that have been living under a rock, Born of Osiris is a widely known progressive deathcore/djent band. Their latest EP ‘The Eternal Reign’ is a re-release of their first EP ‘The New Reign’ with a bonus song. Now before I begin, I must note that for many years, I couldn’t stand the sound and style that is Born of Osiris. I respected the theoretically simple, yet practically challenging trademark that makes Djent what it is; breakdowns in ever-changing time signatures. But in particular, I did not like Born of Osiris for the plain fact that, at the time, I just didn’t get it… there’s no better way to describe it… however, having spent the year (so far) scouting on my tippy-toes for the latest releases, I have come to realize that 2017 has felt like a year where bands either get better than before, or worse than ever. This being the case, I decided to forget everything I thought I knew about this band, and start all over again.

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