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Review: KING 810 – La Petite Mort or a Conversation with God


In September 2016, Nu metal/beatdown rapcore band KING 810 (Flint, MI) released their second album under Roadrunner Records, La Petite Mort. The album stands out from their other releases because David Gun tries “speaking to the public like a friend”, referencing track 8, “I Ain’t Going Back Again”.

This album speaks more of David’s experiences in his life, from getting robbed and shot for for groceries, to playing the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, and everything in between. He reflects his time with his girl  track 5, “Black Swan”, and the wars and struggles in the streets in track 9, “War Time”, featuring Flint rapper Trick Trick.

I listen to music that I can get into and tells it how it is, and that is the reason I got into KING 810. If you like your metal with a taste of rap, then these guys are for you.


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Review: Tongues – Tongues EP

rght tongues

Ex-vocalist from Aversions Crown went off to play in another project called Tongues, who will be releasing a new self-titled EP. The 5 members wanted to make music that was more aggressive and raw. Many strive for a raw sound, but do they actually achieve it? This EP will be available on all major formats, but you can head to their Facebook and listen to their new single! Read more

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