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Interview with MemoCrasher!

PSAB: Who are your musical influences?

MemoCrasher: Definitely I should start with my recent discover – Alter Bridge. Especially Myles Kennedy’s vocals. All vocal parts on our album are supposed to be growls, but those guys showed me whole another level of arranging clear vocals. So I tried, trained for last year to achieve at least a tolerable vocal skill.

And when it comes to music – we have grown up on Opeth’s music, In Flames – the old one, Arch Enemy, Machine Head, Megadeth, Trivium as well, especially their last album, it’s more heavy metal style than their previous albums, which I find positive. Dream Theater, they’re great instrumentalists. Jeff Loomis, an amazing guitarist, sort of Jason Becker’s legacy. We’re also into Septic Flesh, Lamb of God, Korn and Iron Maiden that’s for sure.

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