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Review: Throne of the Beheaded – Severed Ties

Melodic deathcore band Throne of the Beheaded recently released their debut full-length album called Severed Ties. TOTB formed in early 2015 as a strictly deathcore band before switching to a more melodic sound, which they deliver here. With a running time of 34 minutes and 11 tracks, you can get Severed Ties is on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Also stop by their Facebook page! Read more

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Interview with Intraneum!

Genre(s): Melodic/Technical Deathcore
Location: Trójmiasto, Poland
PSAB: Where did the band name “Intraneum” come from?
ITN: Intraneum
in Latin means something inseparable. Our guitarist also liked that
name because it reminded him of Periphery’s song Extraneous.
PSAB: How has the feedback for the release of your album Perfection?
ITN: We’re
surprised because the feedback has been very, very good so far. People
especially complimented the sound and guitars, some asked if we were
planning to release a physical version of our EP.
PSAB: One of your songs from your new album were
actually not your own, but of a deathcore act named Jet Black Promise.
This was something your band member’s did and lied about. What was done
to the particular band member, and what have you done to fix the
ITN: Huh,turned out that he stole not only this song but
our single from the period when our name was Until Death Do Us Part was
stolen from JBP as well! It was actually our ex-member, who left the
band without any word in November, when we started changing our style.
We were really surprised, he hasn’t given any reason so far. He doesn’t
answer our calls or messages, generally behaves like a total coward.
We’re planning to charge him for the time we wasted recording the song,
but as mentioned before, he’s just hiding, probably hoping that we’ll
forget about all this mess.
We immediately released an official statement that we had no idea
the song was stolen (we were really surprised as we haven’t heard about
Jet Black Promise before), we’re now thinking what we should do with the
EP posted on YouTube, as it contains a song that’s not ours.
PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Trójmiasto?
ITN: With
a few exceptions it’s pretty much dominated by thrash and heavy metal
bands. Most of people here enjoy old-school kind of music, so it’s hard
for us to find bands to play with. It’s rather hard to make any money
from concerts but lots of people attend, so it’s rewarding. When we
visited Krakow our playing style was nothing special – the city is a
Mecca for core fans, there are hardly any bands playing other genre.
PSAB: Which bands did you listen to growing up, and do those bands play an influence on your music?
ITN: We’re
influenced by Veil of Maya, Dawn of Dementia, Periphery, TesseracT and a
bit of Meshuggah, Reflections and After The Burial. Our vocalist was a huge fan of deathcore bands like As Blood Runs
Black and As I Lay Dying which you can hear in the way he growls and
screams. Most of the music our bassist and guitarist listened
to growing up was mentioned in influences, you could also add Megadeth
and Queens of The Stone Age for guitarist and Necrophagist and Blotted
Science for bassist.
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there??

ITN: We’d
like to thank anyone who digs our music and especially a few fans who
spent lots of time sharing our music and promoting the band, we’ll
definitely reward you. To people who haven’t – please check our (minus
Seven,it’s Jet Black Promise’s) music, intraneum.bandcamp.com is where you can download the EP for free from. We’d really appreciate any opinion

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Interview with Beneath The Void!

Genre(s): Melodic Deathcore
Location: Warwick, New York
PSAB: Why did you choose the band name “Beneath The Void” for your band?
BTV: The band name was chosen to give people a name that they could take in any way they pleased whether it was a big empty space or a vault filled with your dreams, purities, fears, emotions, flaws, fantasies, imagination or really anything you can think the “Void” is. With the name being “Beneath The Void” I feel it could be a neutral zone between earth and space or beyond that. The concept for me is just my strong imagination. There’s no wrong definition in our minds.
PSAB: You recently released your debut self-titled EP. How was the feedback when it released?
BTV: Well for what it is i suppose not so bad. I mean for most of the band this was our first release period so its definitely our “guinea pig” EP or demo so to speak. It gave us a great perspective as to what people thought of us and the fine line between what the majority of listeners are looking for and just what we wanna play. I think in our next release it will show we have a better fine balance of the two now. Whats really interesting is the most/best feedback we have recieved was from The U.K or even australia rather than the U.S which to me is amazing.
PSAB: If you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why?
BTV: Metal blade or Sumerian because they have a lot of our favorite bands on the label and from what I can see both labels are growing and doing well. We wouldn’t mind being on the same lineup as many of our favorites though it would be intimidating.

PSAB: How is the metal scene in Warwick, New York?

BTV: Currently very desolate this genre of music is a rarity to be heard or mentioned in this town and i think we are the only active metal band in Warwick. Now talking 6 or years ago? It was pretty sweet for a small town. Luckily Jersey is very close haha.

PSAB: What one band has played the most influence on your music?

BTV: Far too many to name because so many have had a heavy influence on us.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?

BTV: Hell yeah to all who have taken the time to check us out and listen to our music especially those who come out to see us perform live! Big thanks to a venue called “Sounds Asylum” out of middletown New York go check

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