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Interview with Immerse!

Genre(s): Technical/Progressive Metal
Location: London, UK
PSAB: Why did you choose the name “Immerse” for your band? 

: The
band started as a solo project known as “Immerse Project”, so when it
stopped being a solo project and turned into a full lineup, we took the
original name. I suppose the name stems from our goal of trying to
create an immersive sound which can really captivate people.
PSAB: You recently released a new single “Arch.” How has the feedback been for that single? 

: The
response has been brilliant! We’ve had the song recorded for a while
but it’s a bit of a change from our old record and we weren’t sure how
it was going to be received, but people seem to be digging the new
pitched screams from Tom and the heavier breakdown parts of the sound.
PSAB: You’re currently unsigned, if you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why? 

: Any label that wouldn’t restrict our creative direction
too much, for example Basick and Summerian have both seemingly been
pretty cool with their artists experimenting with progression. Saying
that, I don’t think it’s absolutely essential to get signed. I feel that
it’s all about writing quality music, having the right contacts and
playing a show that people walk away thinking “wow”.
PSAB: If you had the chance to hold a tour with five bands; which five bands would you choose? 

: This will be different for every member of the band, but for myself I’m
making my decisions based on which bands’ fans would enjoy our music the
best. I’d go for SikTh, Protest the Hero, Periphery, The Safety Fire,
Architects. But if it’s bands I’m personally into, Outkast, NWA, Trapped
Under Ice, Turnstile and Justin Timberlake. 

: What has played the most influence on your music? This can be non-music related.

: There
is a distinct difference between our old (Self Titled EP) sound and new
(Untitled EP2) sound. Our older stuff was a lot more technical and
sometimes it became technical for the sake of it. Our newer stuff is
hopefully a collection of well written songs which use technicality in a
clever way to intrigue listeners (both vocally and musically). As far
as influence goes, we have a very versatile music taste as a band. Our
music taste ranges from hip-hop, through rap, rock, metal and all the
way through to death metal.

PSAB: Have any shout outs to give? 

: Shout
out to UK Tech-Fest. Those guys have been doing a brilliant job for the
last three years. The UK tech metal community are some of the nicest
people we’ve met in our lives and I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have met
half of them without the help of UK Tech-Fest. Also shout out to our
drummer Joel’s other band No Rest (FFO: Hardcore). Finally shout out to
our brothers in Aeolist, Nexilva, Exist Immortal, Acrania and ACODA, all
fantastic bands, check them out.
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