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Interview with Hellucination!



Genre(s): Death Metal/Groove

Location: Rome

PSAB: Why was the name “Hellucination” chosen for your band?

Hellucination: Well it’s actually a name I came up with almost 5 years ago while I was bored during a class at the University. It sounded cool because it’s some kind of a play on words as you can tell, summing up the idea of hell being an hallucination therefore not real. I have to say that now it sounds not as cool as it did back then, but we still feel attached to it and lots of people find it cool, so it’s a keeper!

PSAB: How’s the feedback been for your new song “Exile The Deviant”? Also, what can we entirely expect from Katabasis in March?

Hellucination: The feedback’s been really good and we are very satisfied with it, since it’s our first “real” album (we just put out a self-produced EP 2 years ago) us and our friends and fans were really looking forward to finally hear those songs we’ve been playing for pretty much 3 years. And “Exile The Deviant” is a great anticipation for what you’ll hear on Katabasis when it comes out March 20th, which is basically our version of death metal with as many twists as possible to keep it fresh and not boring. There are some pretty diverse songs in there so hopefully it will be 45 minutes of solid heavy music.

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