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Interview with Laws of Interia!

Genre(s): Hardcore/Metal

Location: Hackettstown, NJ / Ogden, UT

PSAB: Why did you choose the name “Laws of Inertia” for your band?

LOI: Before Laws of Inertia was around, my friend Matt and I were in a band
called Sum of all Fears. We never did anything; we had like two songs
and never played anywhere so Matt proposed the idea to start a more
serious, more technical project called Laws of Inertia. I’m not positive
why he came up with it, but it sounds cool so it stuck. Matt also is no
longer a part of the band.

haven’t released an EP or album since August of 2013, but have released
several singles over the course of 2014. When can we expect a new EP or
a full album?

LOI: Currently, Spencer and I are writing a full album that should be out
this summer. We released a few singles this year because we wanted to
show everyone our new vocalist and give a taste of what’s to come this
year. The EP that was out last August was totally done by me and was
rushed. In short, it sucks kinda. The new album, however, is having much
more work put into it so it should be pretty cool.

PSAB: If you had the chance to share the stage with any band, which band would that be?

David: I would really love to share the stage with Veil of Maya because
Marc has had a huge impact on how I play guitar.
Spencer: Oh man, I
would have to say The Contortionist. They are unlike any other band in
my opinion.

PSAB: What are the top five bands that play an influence on your music the most?

David: Veil of Maya, The Black Dahlia Murder, Parkway Drive, Lorna
Shore, and Whitechapel probably

Spencer: Between The Buried and Me, Veil
of Maya, Lorna Shore, The Contortionist, and Suicide Silence

PSAB: How is the local metal scene in Hackettstown, NJ and/or Ogden, UT?

David: The whole Northern Jersey scene is great. Lorna Shore and
Existence are both from here so it’s cool seeing them both blow up now
in the metal community. There are always shows to go to with tons of
really great bands with loads of potential.

Spencer: Ogden’s metal scene
really fucking blows in my opinion. There are some cool bands but the
last cool thing to come from my area was Chelsea Grin. Though they are
not from Ogden, they are from SLC which is just forty five minutes away
from Ogden. I really wish I could see this scene be where it used to be.
Back in 2004-2008 was a really booming time for Ogden but since then it
has severely slowed down.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to readers out there?

David: I know we’re not huge, but I’d like to thank anyone who has ever
listened to, downloaded, shared, or done anything else regarding our
music. Pig Squeals and Breakdowns has hugely helped us get our name out.
Daimien Hartranft of Get JIGGY With It and Shawn Rhude of Afflicted
Records are my dudes. Anyone else who has helped LOI and me, you know
who you are. Right now we don’t have anything super-cool out, but I can
assure you that our upcoming album will slay.

Spencer: I just wanna say
thanks to anyone who has ever taken the time to listen to our music. Rob
Donnelly who is the owner of Terror Tracks who has helped me since the
beginning. A HUGE thanks to Pig Squeals and Breakdowns for always
helping us out and exposing us to the music scene! And one last big
thanks to everyone who ever took the time out of their day to
listen/share/like us or support in any way, Big things are to come so be
sure to keep up to date!

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Interview with Sykosis!

Genre(s): Groove/Experimental/Hardcore
Location: Ashtabula, OH
PSAB: Why did you choose the
name “Sykosis” for your band?

SYK: The reason we chose the name Sykosis is because just about every one
of us have been in the nut house at some point in our life and it just
seemed fitting, we saw the name on CSI television show and found out
what it meant and it clicked with us that it was the right name for us
and what we we’re going for as a band.. we’re crazy.. have you seen us

PSAB: How was the feedback when you released The Act of Vengeance? Are you
still receiving feedback now?

SYK: The feedback has been phenomenal .. the album has been very well
received from fans and critics alike, we have the best fans in the world
and we have to thank all of them for the support all the way to
California to Texas to Arkansas etc. !!
We have received great reviews, some bands say they are putting out
their heaviest record.. but we actually did .. we went as heavy as we
possibly could on “The Act Of Vengeance” .. the album is still spreading
and going to places we have never thought possible!!

PSAB: You’re currently signed to Ferocious Records. How has the experience
been being signed to them?

SYK: It has been great to say the least .. We would have never had these
opportunities we have now if not getting signed to Ferocious Records..
With our album being packages and wrapped and distributed and recording
at the amazing studio we got to record it at .. a big thank you to
Dylann at Ferocious for all he has done for us!!! 

PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Ashtabula?

SYK: Its booming and always has been.. Ashtabula County has always had a
great metal scene full of pissed of motherfuckers.. with past metal
bands such as : Profound Anger – Acid Porno – Mosquioto Bitten Bastards –
Eclipse – Konipshun Phit – Falling Astray – Devolution – Deviate –
P.R.S. – All Dead and now theres bands in the Ashtabula Metal Scene like
us SYKOSIS and Chaos In The Sky – Cherry Poppins etc. its a pretty cool
fucking scene to be apart of and its unique .. we want to give a huge
shout out to P.J. at The Cove in Geneva and to his staff as well because
its pretty much the only place in Ashtabula where we can play metal and
get away with it! 

PSAB: What bands did you listen to growing up, and do those bands play an
influence on your music?

SYK: There’s 7 band members in our band and we all love metal and other
genres too .. there are a lot of bands that have influenced us all
throughout the years to make the music we all have come to create in
Sykosis today! 

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?

SYK: We would like to thank everyone who supports us in anyway from coast
to coast and overseas .. keep spreading the word because its working!!
To all of our friends in Arkansas for the support .. you’ve made it our
2nd home!! Also we’d like to thank Dylann at Ferocious Records for
always supporting us!! Last but not least a huge thank you to all of our
girlfriends and close friends who have always supported us in any way
they could!!!
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Subdivisions – Breaking The Fourth Wall [REVIEW]

Listen / Purchase (via Bandcamp)

Genre(s): Progressive/Hardcore/Power Violence

Breaking The Fourth Wall is Subdivisions first music release of the new year. The EP has six songs and roughly 30 minutes worth of listening materials. There are influences on a few different genres throughout the album, mainly death metal and hardcore. They keep up the same kind of upbeat pace throughout each song, except for two songs; the longest song on the album “Tremors 3” which could be considered an interlude, as it combined melodic instrumental sounds with the band’s normal hardcore song, and the fifth song “Leap of a Whale from the Water.”
The sound is each song is roughly the same besides the two listed which is a combination of sometimes progressive sounds, chuggy giffs, and or an experimental/mathcore kind of sound. A good example would be the song “Crippler.” The vocals through the album seldom change, mainly mid screams and high screams. Overall, the album is okay and is worth checking out.Score: 2.5/5

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