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Review: Within The Ruins – Halfway Human


Within The Ruins is a progressive deathcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts. It is safe to say that they have just released their best album yet. While instrumentally proficient as always, the band has headed in a new direction to include clean back-up singing and a very all-round melodic approach that may very well make Halfway Human the album to revolutionize the genre. Now you will need to forgive me in advance for using the term Nintendo FX so often as they are in fact used a lot, and there are several ways to get that sound happening, so I’m not going to get too nerdy, I’m just going to keep it simple.

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Review: Cocyte – The Human Disease


Cocyte is a death metal band from Belgium who are releasing they new full-length on the first week of June. This album is not for those who enjoy light and easy listening. While this is not the heaviest or quickest or whatever else I have heard, it brings a lot to the table for the user to enjoy. It will be put out through Ultimate Massacre Productions’ Bandcamp! Read more

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