The Brothers Highhorse – A Graveyard for Lunatics [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
The Brothers Highhorse’s newly released single “A Graveyard for Lunatics” is roughly four minutes long. They combine some elements of black metal, mostly heard in the vocals, with standard deathcore. The pace of the song is fast, and the instrumentals change through the song. In the beginning to about midway through, they have a fast-going death metal sound, then transition into a more melodic one for a small amount of time. However, quickly transition back to the fast-going death metal sound with symphonic elements for the rest of the song. The vocals used are black metal-like high screams and low screams.
The only thing you can notice about this song right away is the poor audio quality, and I think that takes a lot away from the song itself. If the band were to release a new song in the future with better audio quality, I believe it would sound a whole lot better. Other than that, it is a solid song with variety.Score: 3/5

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Interview with Bow Messiah!

Genre(s): Deathcore/Death Metal
Location: Woodend, Christchurch
PSAB: Where does the band name “Bow Messiah” come from?

BM: The name originated through religious beliefs that we should bow to a martyr or god to be saved from damnation, in reality we are all equals so no one should bow to a false god that is a myth, it basically means “messiah bow to the common man”

PSAB: You’ve been around since 2007. What do you think has changed the most within the metal scene in the last seven years?

BM: There definitely seems like there’s a lot more bands out there these days, whether it is the ease of the internet and global exposure, and with the technology at hand for bands they can make demos very easily, it’s a struggle to keep up with the amount of new music and bands on the scene

PSAB: How is the local metal scene in Woodend, Christchurch?

BM: The metal scene is Christchurch is on the comeback, We have some amazing local bands here that we regularly gig with and top dudes that all help each other out with support slots, backline etc, the last few years have been tough for bands as the earthquakes devastated most of the top venues, so there was a period where bands were relocating to different towns/countries or calling it quits, we struggled for a while to secure venues that support our genre but in the last 12 months the venues have been rebuilding and getting back up and running and the scene is alive again with some great venues hosting some killer bands

PSAB: You’re currently unsigned as of this interview. If you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why?

BM: Nuclear Blast or Local NZ label Deadboy Records as they would suit us really well and both seem like great companies to work for

PSAB: What bands did you listen to growing up, and do those bands play an influence on your music now?

BM: We have all had different influences growing up from Black Sabbath to Cannibal Corpse and everything in between, We have gone through various stages since the beginning of the band, and we tend to write according to the type of music we are listening to at the time, At the start we were big into Lamb of God, Slayer, Pantera, the more traditional types of metal, as the band progressed we started tweaking our genre much influenced by what we are listening to now, the likes of Carnifex, Suffocation, Thy Art Is Murder, I Declare War, Behemoth and changing tuning’s along the way, we went from a drop D 6 string guitar tuning to C then down to a 7 string drop A tuning making things a lot heavier and broader than we anticipated at the beginning

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers?

BM: We are extremely grate full to those who support us, there have been some hard times that the band has pulled through not knowing if things would work out but after the national tour and the release of the “Maggots” EP, things have really picked up, we now have a game plan and are motivated to bring fresh ideas to the table, it’s great hearing positive comments from local and international fans alike, we just try to make tunes that we would listen to ourselves and if people dig them that’s a major bonus, We are now working on the debut full length and some other ideas we have not tried yet so hopefully the snowball will keep growing

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Interview with The Abydos Shelter!

Genre(s): Progressive Deathcore
Location: Rostock, Germany
PSAB: Where did the band name “The Abydos Shelter” come from exactly?TAS:When we formed the band back in 2010 we were looking for a name which sounded interesting or „exotic“. During that time, bands like Born Of Osiris or Veil Of Maya got bigger in Germany…so they have probably been an inspiration. Our Vocalist Björn (who also plays guitar in
Acranius) actually came up with Abydos. Abydos was one of ancient Egypt’s oldest cities with many temples and a royal necropolis were pharaohs have been entombed. So to be honest there is no meaning behind the name. It just sounded cool to us and you know…it´s just a name.

PSAB: How was the feedback when you released Neophobia? Are you still receiving feedback now?

TAS:The feedback we got for our debut EP Neophobia was consistently positive. I think we got like 150 or 200 new fans on Facebook which for
us was quite a lot. But compared to other newcomer bands in Germany it´s not that much. It´s just hard to call peoples attention to new music because there are so many bands out there. But people who listened to our music on bandcamp or youtube liked it. We worked for quite a long time on that record because during the process 2 members have left the band. Also quite a lot people thought that we´ve recorded the EP at a studio. That feels awesome because everything was recorded by ourselves and mixed and mastered by our guitarist Pat in his small apartment. Now, more than 2 months after the release of Neophobia we just rarely get feedback. Time to get out there and play shows.

PSAB: You’re currently unsigned, if you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why?

TAS: Interesting question. The most famos „djent“ or progressive bands are definitely signed with Sumerian Records or Basic Records. But to be
honest it would awesome just to get signed with any label which cares about the bands and help them to get shows. So actually there is not really a fist choice.

PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Rostock, Germany?

TAS: 5 years ago the scene in Mecklenburg-Westpommerania (the part of Germany we come from) was quite good. There are only a few bigger cities
in that federal state of Germany but people regularly have organized shows. During that time we all have met for the first time. Our bassist
Paul played for „Your Birth Your Burial“, Björn was the vocalist of „Traumatic Defilement“, Konstantin played guitar for „We Once Were Poets“ and Pat played for „See Your Princess Pass Away“. I would say that all of the bands have been kind of driven by the deathcore hype at that time. Haha. But to get back to the original question: the metal scene nowadays isn´t that big anymore. Unfortunately there are by far not as much shows as they used to be. We try to get shows in other parts of Germany which turned out to be rather tough.

PSAB: Which bands play the most influence on your music?

TAS: Boring but true: Meshuggah was and still is one of the biggest influences. We all enjoy different stuff. Björn for example is really into death metal and slam. Pat likes besides Metal music like Deftones, Boards of Canada or Portishead. Konstantin is a big fan of Tool. So we get influenced by a varied range of music. Raphael and Paul haven´t been involved in the song writing for Neophobia but we´re looking forward to writing new material with both of them.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans?

TAS: We want to thank everybody who listens to our music and who helps us to spread it, because thats the only way to play shows. We haven´t played many shows in the past and we´ve never played a show with the new line-up yet. Hopefully this will chance soon. And we want to thank the
guys from pig squeals and breakdowns who shared our music on Facebook and on their blog. Also we´re very honored to make our first interview with you.

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Hour of Penance releases new song and announces new album Regicide

Well known death metal band, Hour of Penance, announced yesterday this new song titled “Resurgence of the Empire” and a new album Regicide. The album is set to release May 13 in North America, May 12 in UK/EU, and May 16 in Germany through Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are below, so definitely check out their new song and pre-order the album!PREORDER

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