Interview with Inveterate!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location: Nordhorn
PSAB: Why did you choose the word “Inveterate” for your band name?
Inveterate: We just wanted to have a strong and short band name like the metal bands back in the 80s. So we came up with Inveterate.
PSAB: How was the feedback when you released Pathogenic? Are you still receiving feedback for it now?
Inveterate: The feedback was awesome so far. We never thought that so many people
would actually hear our music, that we have recorded on our own. With
this good feedback we can’t wait for our first live shows.
PSAB: If you could play with any band live, which band would that be and why?
Inveterate: This is a really difficult question. But I guess to play with Northlane
or The Dillinger Escape would be freakin’ awesome. Both bands are insane
up on stage. Especially The Dillinger Escape Plan are setting new
standards for a good and powerful live show.
PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Nordhorn?
Inveterate: The metalscene here in Nordhorn isn’t that big. We have a bunch of
metalcore bands around here. But the biggest problem is, that we dont
have that much venues here for a big metal show or something else. The
most venues are booking mixed genre bands for a show. But we dont have a
problem to play a show with rock, blues or even pop bands – we only
want to have a good time up on stage.
PSAB: What has played the most influence on your music? This can be non-metal.
Inveterate: The most influence for our debut-ep ‘Pathogenic’ has played War From A
Harlots Mouth. We dont sound like them but we love the way how they
write and perfom their songs. Every song from wfahm sounds different and
you have to hear the songs several times to recognize every little
detail. This was also the reason, that Simon (Guitarist from wfahm), has
mixed our EP in his Studio in Tampa (Sludge Studios).
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?
Inveterate:  It’s so cool that so many of you are supporting the underground bands. Without you none of us could do this. Thank you!
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Interview with Flesh Season!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location:  Logansport, IN
did you choose the name “Flesh Season” for the band?
FS: We wanted something catchy, yet not too cliche with today’s metal band
names. Flesh Season comes from the idea of zombies. It compares humans
to zombies metaphorically. The way a zombie would feed off humans for
food, we as humans feed off each other. All for our own humanistic,
selfish benefits to sum it up.
PSAB: When can we expect your EP Fugitives of a Dying World to be released?
FS: The release date is pending. We want to give the Fugitives of a Dying
World EP demos the justice we feel that they deserve. Recording the
demos before was a very rushed process. We wanna take our time on
perfecting our art at this point. The FOADW demos are currently on our
ReverbNation page. We are also working on 2 new tunes that will also be
featured on a future full length album. Which will include “Virulence”
and one other new song. It’s gonna be heavy as fuck!
PSAB: You’re currently unsigned, if you could be signed to any record label,
which label would that be and why?
FS: I think we could all agree on either Metal Blade or Nuclear Blast
Records. Some of the most inspiring and heaviest bands are on those
labels. It’d be an honor to be signed amongst some of the heaviest bands
in metal.
PSAB: How is the metal scene in Logansport, IN?
FS: Piss poor. Haha. A buncha metal heads with only bars to play at. I feel
like if there was a proper venue here, the metalheads would pack the
place. We pretty much call Centerstage Bar and Grill our home venue. And
that’s 30 minutes away in Kokomo! Haha.
PSAB: If you had the choice to share the stage with any band, which band would
that be?
FS: We can already cross The Black Dahlia Murder off our bucket list. That
was a dream come true for sure. Personally, I’d be honored to share the
stage with Lamb of God, Between the Buried and Me, Periphery,
Whitechapel, or Cattle Decapitation. That’d be sick as fuck!
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out
FS: We’d like to thank all of our beloved family, friends and fans alike
for all the die-hard support from the very beginning. And those of you
that haven’t given us a listen, check us out on ReverbNation and
Facebook. We hope you enjoy it!- 

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Interview with Inailment!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location: Nuevo Casas Grandes
PSAB: Where does the band name “Inailment” come from?
The name “Inailment” is wordplay for a local legend at the place where
my grandma was born. She used to tell us about corpses that were put
into their caskets with their arms overly crossed, so their nails would
grow around their bodies giving them a mentally crippling look. The only
“real” word in our name is -nail- and we gave it the -ment- just
because we did not know better.
PSAB: When can we expect new music from you?
Inailment: Right now we are working on a new EP, since all our members are in
different locations right now, the process has become a little slower.
We are expecting to release our new songs around October.
PSAB: You’re currently signed to Pedroth Records. How has the experience been being signed to them?
Inailment: It has been comfortable since it is located right in Pedro’s house
(who is our guitar player, programmer and song producer) we have a
couple of computers there and he is also working with a couple of side
projects with his mini-studio with other peoples he knows. We set the
place up ourselves and we are still learning how to produce songs, we
will be practicing and working until we get the right sound.
PSAB: How is the local metal scene in your area?
Inailment: Our hometown Nuevo Casas Grandes only has our Death Metal band. And
that’s pretty much it. There are not even any other metal bands around.
But our home state Chihuahua has been producing some good metal bands, a
couple of them have already gone to the Wacken.
PSAB: Which bands play the most influence on your music?
Inailment: Fleshgod Apocalypse has been the most influencial to our music, right
now we are really open to other genres so we have some classical music
influence on our songs, boleros, rumbas, etc. We started by listening to
the likes of The Faceless, Winds of Plague, and always wanted to try to
produce songs like that. Every musician in this band has different
tastes in music so when we get together we are basically doing music
salad. We have been trying to integrate some progressive stuff into our
music such as The Mars Volta.
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers out there?
Inailment: A shout out to Komanche who just got his first home studio set-up in
Mexico City(D.F.) another shout out to JuanK Duran, Flako Hermosillo,
and Pedro Vargas who have been always working on this project with a lot
of enthusiasm.
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Interview with Deflesher!

Genre(s): Death Metal

Location: Rambouillet, France

PSAB: Where did the band name “Deflesher” come from exactly?

Deflesher: It comes from a discussion between the band
members, we talked about what kind of stuff the band likes, and we say
“all death metal stuff !” Deflesher means like “butcher” or “skinner”.

PSAB: Why did you choose to play death metal over any other sub-genre of metal?

Deflesher: We have chosen death metal because it’s the kind of stuff
we want to play. It’s the only kind of sound who makes us happy. When we
are pissed off, or something like that, we play death metal. This is
the genre of metal we like the most.

PSAB: If you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why?

Deflesher: After discussions, we have said all “METAL BLADE” because
we like what they do, how the work with their bands, and many of our
favourite band are on this label.

PSAB: What has played the most influence on your music? This can be non-music related.

Deflesher: Probably Cannibal
Corpse, the Tampa bay area, and the “typical death metal” : longs hair,
agressive sound, violent riff, blast beat and all these stuff….

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers out there?

Deflesher: Keep supporting metal, kick all hipsters and all pricks !

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Interview with War of Abaddon!

Genre(s): Death Metal/Deathcore
Location: Madison, WI 

PSAB: Where does the band name “War of Abaddon” come from?
WOA: Abaddon appears in biblical, Greek, and even in Jehovah’s
mythology. All have different definitions and ideas as to who he was.
But the one thing that seems to be agreed upon in all versions, except
one, was that he was the “destroyer” of said belief and system. That’s
something I firmly believe in. So I guess I feel we are taking on
Abaddon’s war in a sense.
This Hell Dies With Me is set to release June 21, 2014. How pumped are
you guys for that, and what are your expectations?
WOA: We are extremely excited for
this release. I think we are just as excited for the CD release party
(which is sponsored by Pig Squeals And Breakdowns) as we are for the EP!
But This release has been in the making for more than two years. We
have had many set backs in the process of getting this recording done so
we are ready to finally have this EP out.
Our fans have been so great
and loyal to us. It is a great feeling to finally be able to have music
that they can take with them. As far as expectations are concerned, we
just hope people enjoy it and want to come out to a show after hearing
PSAB: If you could share the stage with any band, which band would that be and why?
WOA: Thats a tough question. There are so many bands that
I would want to play with. We pull influence from so many bands that we
respect and admire. But if I had to pick one band I would have to say
Meshuggah. They are revolutionary in the metal word in my opinion. I
feel it would be an amazing experience to share the stage with them.
would be a challenge to see if we could even come close to holding our
own with them. I’m sure we would learn a lot as far as making us (War
Of Abaddon) better performers as well. Plus, I think it would be
interesting to see what how a Meshuggah crowd would take to us, good or
PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Madison, WI?
WOA: The metal scene in Madison, WI is awesome. It is
very close knit community here. All the bands are friends who all hang
out with each other. You will see members of almost all the bands at
any given show. The fans are great here as well. Very loyal and
extremely supportive. They help us out a lot with getting our names out
there and with advertising shows. The venues and the people running
them are true music fans so no matter where you play you will have an
awesome time.
PSAB: If you could have any musician featured on one of your tracks, which musician would that be?
WOA: I would love to work with Phil Anselmo from
Pantera or Scott Lewis of Carnifex. Pantera is the band that got me
into metal at the age of 12. Phil got me interested in wanting to do
metal vocals. To have an opportunity to work with him would be a dream
come true for me. Scott Lewis is my favorite vocalist of the newer
class of metal. I’m a huge fan of Carnifex and the style Scott has. I
like how raw he keeps his vocals and is one hell of a performer.
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?
WOA: I would like to give a shout out to The Circuit Theory, The Faith
Hills Have Eyes, An Ocean Above Us, Ultrea, The Unnecessary Gunpoint
Lecture, Casket Robbery, Unbibium, Descending The Heavens, Spider
Studios, Dark House Studios, Travis Fletcher, Darwin at The Frequency,
Amanda Longfield, Cory Scheider to name a few.
Questions answered by Trent Kremeier, vocalist of War of Abaddon.
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