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Track Review: Relics of Humanity – Stench of Burning Heavens


We get a wonderful dose of brutality from Minsk, Belarus, for Relics of Humanity have released their seventh single “Stench of Burning Heavens” just a few days ago.

At two minutes and fifteen seconds, this has got to be one of the best short songs ever created. Seriously, there are so many segments and varying paces that one cannot help but look through the band discography to hear the other singles.

Vocally, the track sounds like Devourment, yet instrumentally, this is without doubt the type of brutal death metal that calls out the likes of Suffocation and Aborted to a lion brawl. The best way I can really describe this band’s versatility are a series of blast beat segments transitioning naturally and flawlessly into chromatic chugs – I cannot get over how many structures they fit in such a short duration. Being a sucker for zigzagging fretwork, I am tempted to learn this song on my set of strings.

This is exactly what the butcher ordered. In this age of Slam, Deathcore and Tech-Death dominating the death metal scenes, it’s nice to hear a different approach. I urge everyone to check out Relics of Humanity.

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Review: Desecrate the Faith – Unholy Infestation

album art

Texas death metal act Desecrate the Faith has announced their second album, which is to be released in early March of 2017. After their first album Desecrate the Faith went on American and European tours before recording this bestial album: Unholy Infestation. When the time comes it will be available on all major formats. They currently have a single out; keep up with their Facebook for updates! Read more

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Review: Fractured Insanity – Man Made Hell


Brutal death metal is our focus this week with Belgian group Fractured Insanity. Fractured Insanity released their latest album, Man Made Hell, on extreme metal label Xtreem Music from Spain. Xtreem Music has also hosted Hour of Penance and Kronos, so you can check out the label’s Bandcamp for similar music and to pick up Man Made Hell! Read more

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