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Review: 2X4 – MCMLII

Review by Adriana.

The album of interest this week is 2X4’s newest release MCMLII. 2X4 is a four ­piece metalcore act from Oklahoma.

Every instrument and vocals were presented with clarity, leaving nothing out. Production done as well as this makes everything sound more full and complete. The first three songs flowed into each other very well without an awkward pause or transition. The first song, “Volition”, starts with a heavy, headbanging riff. It is a very catchy yet heavy song with groove and melodic influences. Gritty vocals and appropriate relaxed drum fills is the skin on the meat of the song. previous song and follows into the heavy groove vibe from “Volition.” The songs “Rot” and “Destroy (A Mother’s Beauty)” are a bit heavier. “Rot” features more intense drumming, a guitar solo, and more lower­end chugs from guitars and the bass. “Destroy (A Mother’s Beauty)” also has a guitar solo and intense drums, but even more so than “Rot.” This song definitely displays

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Review: In Search Of Solace – Consciousness



Genre(s): Metalcore/Progressive


Review by Adriana.

The band of the week is In Search of Solace, coming at us with their debut EP Consciousness which was released in July of 2014. ISOS wastes no time and immediately kicks off with a strong opening in the song Northern Lights. Just when you jump in the pit, a climatic bridge leads you to a sing­ing section that is reminiscent of early Of Mice & Men. Don’t get too upset, remember the quick and adrenaline ­filled opening? It returns.

All fun aside, this EP seems to be a combination of the bands Of Divinity, Aversions Crown, Of Mice & Men, and even Breakdown of Sanity. None of these bands have a direct or exact influence on the sound, but elements can be heard. For example, the song Consciousness has an atmospheric section that was as if I were floating in the galaxy. One guitarist plays a nice fuzzy yet crunchy riff while the other guitarist plays sweet sustaining high notes that seem to reverberate and it makes your mind drift away, just as Aversions Crown songs do. ISOS’s song Hands also have the out­-of­-this­-world guitar duality about half way into the song. Read more

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